Meeks's Ban Appeal

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Oct 13, 2020
User name: Meeks

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:551110847

Username: g0t m00sicks

When did the ban occur? Supposedly I was as it says, "Hacking"

How long is the ban? Permanent

Name of admin that banned you: Vash

Did you deserve the ban? No

Why don't you deserve the ban? Meaningless anyway, but I wasn't Hacking.
the recent name, has nothing to do with your server.
being trolled by hackers in ranked made me salty so I was calling em out.
the ban in the other server, was due to me being toxic, I guess I'll just make a new account lmao

not hard to hit shots, rofl i've been playing CS since 1.6
only thing to change is the faces and the haters.
Not open for further replies.