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Sep 17, 2016
Universal rules (every server)
All of these rules will be enforced with the judgement of our admins. Rules not explicitly listed here may also be enforced.
Circumventing or finding loop holes in rules will lead to extended punishment
If you feel like you've been wrongly punished make an abuse report.

No Racism/Racism Baiting: Any use of a derogatory term will get you punished.
No harassment/excessive toxicity: This includes but IS NOT LIMITED to, attacking, harassing, or "shit talking" in excessive amounts or frequency.
No scripts/inject: This could also include cheats, hyper-scrolls, macros.
No scamming: Do not scam any of our player-base.
No threats(ddos, dox, etc.): Do not threaten to do anything malicious to our player-base, servers or anything related.
Do not farm credits: This could include sitting AFK, gaining credits or farming kills/credits with a friend.
No impersonation: Do not pose as a PRG staff member.
No spamming: Do not spam in voice or chat.
No advertising: Do not advertise other sites/servers.
No delaying: Do not purposefully delay the round/delay others from playing.
English only: Do not speak languages other than English over the mic.

Repeated offenders will be given progressively longer punishments.
Avoiding punishments by going on another account will not be tolerated. This will double your ban.


Do not exploit maps: This includes entering a part of a map you would not otherwise be able to get to. IE. going under a map, or behind an exterior map wall.
Do not point evade: Examples of this is typing "kill" in console, leaving the server, or moving yourself to spectator.
Do not ghost (position): Do not call out where an enemy/teammate is when you are dead. You may call out the health of someone you have hit or the position of someone who has been camping for more than 30s without getting a kill.
Do not teleport trap: This could include intentionally standing in the small blue square in awp_crazyjump or any instance where a player may get trapped inside you.

No False Freerunning: If a T declares a freerun, you cannot activate any traps before or after it, also do not say a different form of freerun to try to trick people.
No Favoritism: i.e letting your friends go past a trap.
No Constant Freeruns: Don't give freeruns continuously. Max limit of 5 in a row.
No team-killing: Do not purposely running into mines, barrels etc, to kill your teammates.
No map Exploitation: Do not exploit the map i.e killing T before you beat the map or skipping T by going into spectators.
No Delaying: Do not intentionally slow down the map i.e waiting in spawn or shift walking.
Do Not Leave the Game as a T: This will result in a 20-minute ban.
Do not spawn-kill:
don't shoot in or out of the spawn area.
Any platform within shotgun-range of the actual spawn area is also considered spawn (if platform is within line of sight). Do not kill on top of spawn if the spawn area is secluded from the general combat area. These descriptions may vary per map, consult an admin when in doubt.

Exception 1: Spawn killing rule is voided for a target if this player has left spawn before. Hence you may be killed if you re-enter your own spawn area.
Exception 2: If a player is positioned inside of your spawn area, he/she can be killed by players who spawn in that area.
Do not delay in spawn area: don't delay any combat by staying in or around spawn areas without reason. Using menus is fine.
Do not disrespect: don't disrespect anyone.
Do not team-stack/create unfair teams on purpose
Do not spam music/kill buttons:
some maps have buttons that kill the players in jail, spamming these is not allowed. The same rule applies to server-sided music buttons.
Do not suicide mid-combat: killing yourself whilst in combat already removes some XP, but is still not allowed.
Do not (suicide) bomb: blowing up (your own) mine instantly after placement is not allowed.
Do not rejoin to get more mines
Do not camp secret or hard-to-reach areas:
do not camp the spawner inside secret areas. If the opposing team members are getting annoyed, please consider changing positions.
Do not significantly boost other player's levels, upgrades or stats: this includes knife-levelling and rpggifting (if available).
Do not attempt recreating glitches/bugs: ex. molotov sound bug, grenade glitch.
Do not persuade other players into breaking rules.

Do not RDM: Random Deathmatch: when you kill someone with insufficient evidence.
Do not ghost: i.e. telling alive people who the traitors are when you are dead.
Do not Freeshoot: CLICK HERE
If you are a traitor, do NOT kill other traitors: This rule does not apply when 1. You're forced to ie. people are all around you watching, or 2. They give permission to you.
If you are a traitor, do NOT delay in the T room: If you're the last T alive, or there is 35 seconds left don't camp/delay inside of any traitor room.
If you commit a traitorous act, you are considered a traitor and can be killed: Defined below.
Don't make false accusations: Calling someone a traitor when they haven't done any treacherous acts. This includes calling kos's at beginning of the round.
Do not abuse the map: i.e. leaving the map or trapping people on purpose.
Do not follow someone if they tell you not to: If someone (excluding detective) gives you 3 warnings to stop following them, and you do not comply, they are allowed to kill you.
Anyone can taze anyone without permission: The taser shows whether the tased player is innocent or not.
No Prop Surfing: Don't use props to get around the map to places you shouldn't be in.
No Prop Boosting: Don't use props to get to unreachable places on the map.
No Claiming Areas: You can not KoS someone just because they "came into your house".
You must give 1 warning: before killing someone when they are doing something traitorous such as but not limited to: freeshooting, walking past unidentified bodies, holding KOS weapons (unless the map does not spawn KOS weapons on the map). However, if you have definite proof they are traitor ie. killing an innocent there is no need to warn. KOS weapons include (if not on map) - AWP, M4A1-S
Do not delay: Not pursuing the round ie. hiding.
Do not prop block: Moving props inside of people.
As a traitor do not team with other roles.

Traitorous Acts
-Shooting or throwing damaging grenades around, at, or towards other players unless it's self defence.
-Declaring a KOS (Kill On Sight) on an innocent.
-Hiding bodies.
-Holding the AWP or any silenced gun. (This is unless the map already spawns with these weapons in which they are no longer traitorous) Maps with AWP / Silenced weapons spawned
-Declaring yourself as the Traitor
-Trying to frame someone ex: Pretending you died while screaming their name on purpose.
-Walking past unidentified bodies, not id'ing them. (This is situational, if you see them walking past them and calling out that a traitor is going _____ then do not kill them)
-Falsely claiming that you killed a T. (For example: You don't hear any death near you and then someone near you says they killed a T and you know nothing had happened in that area for a while, therefore they just got there and are lying.)
-Trapping people in rooms. (Although keeping the door closed so that others cannot come in is okay. If you do this and someone tells you not to twice don't be surprised if he kills you and or lights you on fire. This is NOT ok blocking off large parts of the map etc.)

No spinning:
Do not spin in circles to avoid getting killed. This includes shooting then using a bind to 180 spin.

No spawn-killing:
Don't kill or damage any player in spawn for the first 15 seconds of the round. This means don't shoot into or out of spawn either.
No camping: Don't stay in anywhere for longer than 20 seconds. This also includes staying in secret and/or camping teleporters longer than 10 seconds.
No spam spawning weapons
No spawn-hopping
No button-spamming:
i.e do not spam kill buttons for jail.
No gun boosting through walls.
No planting bombs.
No Point Dodging
Do not play map side music.
Do not spam rtv or map name that you want
Do not GHOST:
(HP, Position, Weapons, Etc.) Regardless of you doing the damage or not don't call out anyone's health if you're dead.
Watching a tele for more than 5 seconds is against the rules but you can be near a tele for 10 seconds
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